Places to visit

There is a place somewhere that every evening rests in the shadows of Olympus, the mountain of the gods. There is a place somewhere on earth that is forever flirting with the liquid lures of the sea in Thermaikos Gulf. It is here in the mythical region of Pieria. In the kingdoms of Zeus and Poseidon where the past lives harmoniously with the present being an attractive challenge to the visitor.

For those seeking adventure and touring there is always Olympus with each enchanting ridges and peaks and the traditional villages of old Poroi, Panteleimon and Skotina, idyllic Platamon with each medieval castle, picturesque Litochoro, the green valley of Tempi, the archaeological sites of Dion and Vergina and the magnificent rocks of the monastic community of Meteora. All of them just a stone’s throw away from your basis, the Hotel Afrodite.